Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A chance to show off our project!

May 1 – Rich Haag with the Catawba River District came to visit us on May 1 to see our composting efforts, learn about a special experiment we are doing and to take photos and video.

The 2nd-grade classes of Tracy Rowe, Susan Bean and Melissa McGinnis

Second graders have been collecting food for our recycling program since we came back from spring break, and our students gave a good explanation of how they collect food after lunch, pick out things we can't compost (like plastic containers) and weigh what we have gathered on a scale.
Mr. Haag walked with our class as we went out our classroom's door to the courtyard. In the corner, near the third-grade vegetable gardens, we are making compost with left-over food and leaves brought from home. Our second graders told Mr. Haag how excited they are that the compost will be ready for the gardens when they return next fall – as third graders!
We posed for a group photo of all three second-grade classes.
Earlier, some of our students showed Mr. Haag an experiment we are doing as a part of the Eco-Footprint Challenge. We have several jars of soil on a shelf in our room. Each jar has something in it, such as plastic, paper and metal. Our teachers have been keeping the soil watered. We have forms that we use to write down what we observe. We also have made predictions about whether any of the things in those jars will change over the seven weeks we will watch them.

Want to see more photos? CLICK HERE to see an album of photos that Mr. Haag took on his vist.

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